Here’s the speaker lineup for YXL Horn Creek 2018:

Patrick Tebbano, Director
Patrick Tebbano is lead pastor at University Presbyterian Church in Las Cruces, NM. He and his wife, Nicole, moved to New Mexico from Cleveland, Ohio and were happy to trade in the gray skies, hard winters, and humid summers of Ohio for life in the desert. They have two children: Jonah (9) and Hannah (8). Patrick is a graduate of Grove City College in Western Pennsylvania and Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, tennis, soccer, and green chile. Patrick considers it a blessing to be able to proclaim the free grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and desires to serve the church by building up the people of God and equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

Ryan and Laura Anderson and familyRyan Anderson, Evening Speaker
Ryan and his wife, Laura, have served with RUF at TCU for 7 years. Ryan is from Franklin, TN and went to college at the University of Tennessee. Ryan and Laura (Davidson College) met while attending Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. Ryan met Laura at a ball where she suddenly left around midnight. Ryan was devastated, but (thankfully!) Laura, in her haste, providentially left behind one of the glass-slippers she was wearing. The next day, Ryan searched the village over to find the foot from which the slipper came. Eureka! It was Laura’s! They soon married, sold their story to Disney, and the rest is history. Ryan and Laura have tons of pink in their house. This is due to their 3 daughters: Audrey (5), Evangeline (5), and Iris (2). The Andersons enjoy good food, exercising, and hanging out with college students.

Paul Ranheim, Worship Director, Seminar Speaker
Paul is a Seattle born musician and pastor currently serving as the worship director at West End Community Church in Nashville, VA. Earning his BA in Music/Composition from Whitworth University and his Masters of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary, he has led congregations and taught on worship within the church for over 15 years. Paul met his wife Lizzie while he was serving as worship director at Christ Pres in Santa Barbara, CA. They were married in 2016. Paul has a deep love for not only seeing Christ-centered worship in this generation, but also ensuring that future generations have well-equipped gospel leaders. In addition to leading worship, he has written, recorded, and performed music with numerous bands and also as a solo artist.

Joel SmedshammerJoel Smedshammer, Leadership Training Coordinator
Joel has served as counselor, leadership training coordinator and director at YXL over the last several years. This year he’ll be coming up with all of our team challenges and games again, so look out. He’s a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Waco, Texas. He is married to Andrea Smedshammer and they have 4 kids, Bo, Ben, Bailey, and Brady. Joel loves to play golf, watch his kids play sports, and hang out with Andrea and other couples from the church and their community.

The Hoppe FamilyHolly Hoppe, Seminar Speaker
Holly lives in Colorado with her husband, Vincent, and their 4 kids. She worked in college campus ministry from 2006-2017, but currently she is helping Vincent plant a PCA church in downtown Colorado Springs. She is also finishing up her Master’s of Arts in Theological Studies at Covenant Seminary. Holly enjoys teaching women to love and live in God’s story given to us in the Bible. In her free time, she can be found baking or gardening- usually with one or two kids attached to her leg- or in rarer moments, sipping tea in the company of a good book.

David PoteetDavid Poteet,
Communications & Development
David hails from Blacksburg, Virginia, where he lives with his wife Tish, daughter Rachel and son Joshua. David is an elder at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church and a long-time youth ministry volunteer. He’s been a part of YXL since 1984! David earned his B.A. in Graphic Design from Virginia Tech, and he went on to found his own web development company called NewCity. David enjoys biking, hiking, reading and exploring new corners of the world with his wife and kids Rachel and Joshua.

John RanheimSeminar Speaker
John is a YXL alum and native of Seattle, currently living in St. Louis, MO with his wife Elizabeth and their three boys. He presently works as the senior director of development at Covenant Theological Seminary. John has worked in both high school and college ministries and is passionate about assessing and equipping the next generation of leaders for the Church. When not chasing his three boys, he enjoys running, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors whenever possible.